About Us

SAGAR TECHNO CHEM is a well known name in the field of waste water & water treatment Industry. SAGAR TECHNO CHEM is a total Integrated water treatment solutions provider to Industry institutions & society.
Projects with complex water & waste water treatment are our forte. The company is well Known for its innovativeness, specialization, technical Competence, reliable product performance, SAGARlent service back up. At SAGAR TECHNO CHEM it is continuous emphasis to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through providing products and services of high Quality standerds and that too, affordable price.
SAGAR TECHNO CHEM has a well trained experienced and competent service team who periodically visit customers to ensure smooth operation of their plants. SAGAR TECHNO CHEM is a group of experts at its panel from the variety of disciplines. The experts of decades of experience is diverse fields as waste water treatment, structural design etc.