sagar-Georgia Pacific Solutions for the Paper Industry

sagar chemicals, a flagship division of sagar Limited has been in the business of manufacturing specialty chemicals for over three decades. sagar in collaboration with Georgia Pacific offers unmatched service to the Asian paper industry way ahead of the existing competition.

sagar-Georgia Pacific combine offers the entire spectrum of performance paper chemicals formulated to enhance the physical attributes of the paper products from wet and dry strength resins, internal alkaline sizes, surface sizes and box board coatings to specialty products such as charge modifiers and anionic trash collectors.

Georgia Pacific Products lines are ably supported by Maxfloc® range of polylectrolytes-cationic coagulants, cationic / anionic flocculants (in powder, liquid & emulsion form) and MX range of micro-biocides & deposit control formulations, antifoam and de-inking additives etc. coupled with diagnostic and value added services.